KTC Systemtechnik is specialized in automation products and services for industrial companies.


The confidence of our customers, from large global players to small companies, is based on our long experience and constand quality. 


Our target is the satisfaction of our customers with our products and services. Continuous training of our team is entrenched in our companies philosophy.


History of KTC Systemtechnik

Your partner for valve automation

The pleasure of engineering and development of solutions for industrial automation was the initial incentive for KTC Systemtechnik.
Klaus Seiler and Carsten Teichler, both experienced in the automation business for
many years, established KTC Systemtechnik in 2010.
Our technical team consist of employees, experienced in electrical engineering, hydraulics, mechanical engineering as well as control engineering (PLC).
The company premisis for production and administration cover about 500m² Since the founding of KTC, many interesting and large projects are realised. Our customers are valve manufacturer and engineering companies as well as end user from different areas like power stations, oil&gas, pipelines and chemical
industries. Our company objectives are the satisfaction of our customers, employees and business partners. Hence, we develop our products and services continously. Regular professionel education is self-evident.

Introduction of KTC Systemtechnik
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